Saturday, January 03, 2009

Right vs Left! Where's the humor

For the last two weeks or so, Huckleberries on line has been without it's mentor, Dave Oliveria, while he lounges on vacation. As we approach the last day or so of life without DFO, many opinions have surfaced as to how we, the commentators did. I, too, have some opinions on that. First, most people that comment on line are opinionated. You may not have noticed.

For the most part, nay, always, the discourse has been very courteous. Sure, feathers get a little ruffled, but only a little and things calm right down. While I'm not a liberal, nor am I terribly right wing, I have for a while recognized that sometimes we conservatives lack a well nurtured sense of humor. Without trying to be unctuous, I congratulate all of you for being nice.

For a time, I resided in Orange County California, the heartland of the John Birch Society. I was a Reagan/Goldwater Republican and was many times labeled a "pinko," just because anything not right of Genghis Khan was considered liberal.

Here in north Idaho, I do find the same in some respects. Many republicans here are far to the right of my positions, as most Dems are far to the left, also. The most amusing thing about politics here, is that neither side recognizes where they are at in that equation. It appears that most humor from both sides is about the failings of the other.

Party leaders, which should be sales agents for their positions, are often given the honor, by being the most cranky, fractious of them all. It is no wonder that the various parties struggle for converts. They just don't try to convert anyone. It's all about anger, frustration and the belittling of the opposition. If that is salesmanship then I misspent my entire career.

Self depreciation, the ability to laugh at yourself, is most probably the most valuable principle you can possess. Get over your holier than thou attitude and laugh at your absurdities. It's fun. Let others decide what and who you are, while you bask in the knowledge that you love yourself.


Sparky said...

Laughing is the best medicine. Being able to laugh at yourself shows character.

Ryan Collingwood said...

I try to laugh at myself about, eh, about 5-6 times a day ;)

Thanks for keeping tabs on me, Herb. I'll make a visit to the 'Wheel this summer and we'll tie one on.

As for coming a long way, well, I was 22 and it was a summer job. If I ever write book, I'll for sure include my my 3.5 month stint in your presence.