Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bayview's Easter Egg Hunt

I am wrung out, rode hard and put away wet. Literally. Along with Marie Streater of the Captain's wheel and many wonderful volunteers we made the annual Easter egg hunt happen. For the first year since Terry Shepherd of Terry's Cafe started the Easter tradition, we were on our own. Somehow we bummbeled and fumbled through. I am exhausted. Not from buying supplies, though we did. Not from cooking the eggs. Not from coloring the eggs. Actually the Timberlake fire District sent down a bunch of fire fighters to help out, and help out they did.

No, the reason I am exhausted, is first, the egg cooking that was held at the Captain's Wheel. A party ensued. Then Friday, the egg coloring party. Then today's egg hunt, which consisted of Marie and myself dodging raindrops while scattering eggs. In more temperate climates, it would be called hiding eggs. Here, the grass just hasn't started it's race to mid-summer burnout. Finally, after the younger group mobbed the lawn outside of the Captain's wheel in a driving rain, the older kids flocked to the Bayview Motel and RV park where Norma Jean was gracious enough to allow us to use the grounds for the egg hunt. The rain finally stopped. Not in time for moi to escape being soaked, but for the 6-12 year olds.

Our kids are tough here in North Idaho, and a little rain doesn't faze them.Kudos for the firemen that helped out. It turned out that the guys from the fire district were the most innovative decorators of all. these guys can do anything, and they always do it well. We are fortunate to have the fine men and women of the Timberlake fire department, not just to put out fires, but are always present for community projects.

Both Athol and Bayview produce more community minded people than most have ever experienced. We had a great time and I understand that the egg hunt in Athol that occurred later in the day was a huge success. The kids did great, even though many were rained upon. But after all four or so days in preparation for the event, I'm wasted. More parties were held by the participating adults, than the kids it was all for. To all of those that helped, a huge thank you.For me, I'll sleep well tonight.

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