Thursday, April 09, 2009

Overaged Easter Bunnies

Normally, when an Easter Bunny reaches a certain age, they are put out to pasture. Such is not the case with this year's crop. Most of the volunteers that have stepped up are either first time community bunnies, or in some cases, have never born children. Such is the spot I jumped into when a person was needed to coordinate things. Soon after taking the bull by the horns, the rest of the gang jumped in. There are, those, however that haven't dyed an egg in 50 years. I fall into that category.

Today we cooked about 10 dozen eggs, after having stuffed about four hundred plastic eggs with various goodies, a couple of days ago. Tomorrow, all volunteers, either already identified, or drop-ins are welcome. We'll meet at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, where we will get in each others way, drink too much and generally have more fun that the kids will Saturday morning. The kids from toddler to five will meet at the Wheel at 10:00 am, followed by the older kids, 6-12 at the Bayview Motel and RV park, at 10:30 am. Us newbies will of course make a hash out of it, since forever, Terry shepherd has sponsored the egg program. But, you know what? the kids won't mind.

One of the more interesting things about having this as a community volunteer program, is that I truly believe that the adults putting this together, are having way more fun that the kids will Saturday. Getting everyone that wanted to involved was a great idea that didn't happen, It just occurred by accident. The Chamber of commerce is underwriting the program with the help of anonymous donors.

We hold the egg program on Saturday so that those families that want to attend Easter services can do both. It is, of course, important to remember the original purpose for Easter, being the day history has shown of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We celebrate both ways, without denigrating either.

Those that want to help dye eggs can report to the Wheel at or around 1:30 pm Friday. As an additional treat, since Theresa so nicely complimented my potato salad that I used to make, that I tossed together a batch for those that come down to color eggs, or just hang around to drink and party.

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