Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Patio @ Boileau's

As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, so has the patio. Having been burned to a total loss, the structure was torn down to the flotation.Only seventeen years old, the previous structure was, as most know, burned down by the hand of an arsonist. Rumors have a disgruntled former Waterford Park employee as the culprit. Unfortunately, there are so many of those, that the winnowing process could take a while.

Scott & Jeannie Bjerge, owners of the Bayview Mercantile were days from signing a lease/purchase agreement to run the patio when someone broke in and caused a fire that destroyed the place. Almost immediately, pending insurance claims adjustment, along with the inevitable permit process, the tearing down of the old and rebuilding the new started. At this point, the structure is up, wiring and plumbing inspected and approved and the interior yet to be finished along with appliances, sinks and such.

The annual fishing derby starts this week-end, and Scott will be on the gas dock at 6:00am for gassing up fishermen/women. Following the opening of the derby, Scott is hosting a gigantic barbecue on the dock Saturday, from 2-4 pm, May 2. There will be beverages available as well, for the other kind of gassing up. Join Scott & Jeanne for a rebirth celebration.

Since the rebuilding of the patio isn't a firm date, they are shooting for May 8, but are realistically thinking the week-end of Friday, May 15. Everyone in Bayview and beyond wish the Bjerge's well and will be on hand to wash the re-opening down. It is wished that a moment of silence for Leon Bergom, who died while rebuilding the patio, be observed while passing this icon.

In addition to MacDonald's Resort, the Captain's Wheel has been added as a weight station for the fishing derby, which starts Friday, May first through Sunday, May 3. Tickets are available at the Bayview Mercantile.


ric said...

Herb, Please post more pic's of the float, especially the grand re-opening, as we won't be able to get up there till summer. No need to post this....just the pictures and your story of the grand day. Thanks Ric

Bay Views said...

Sorry, Ric ... somehow it posted itself without going through comment moderation, but yes I will cover the grand reopening w/pictures, just for u.