Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter Weekend in Bayview

Events sometimes overcome inertia. This is one of those occasions. Terry Shepherd, of Terry's Cafe in Bayview, has for several years, put an Easter egg hunt on for the children of the surrounding area. She did this out of her own pocket, without a sponsorship. Usually spending $400 per Easter, she just doesn't have the bucks to spare this year. But wait there's more! Unable to repeat this year, what with her expansion to Spirit Lake, We, the rest of the community woke up to the fact that we might not have an Egg hunt this year. I found this unacceptable and took on the job coordinating the event.

I am, however, not the only one that will be working on this. After starting the ball rolling, pretty much everyone that I have talked to is willing to help.Marie at the Captain's Wheel will supervise the younger kids, with a yet to be named probably (Herb) doing the secondary older hunt. This event will tke place Saturday AM, not Easter Sunday.

Kids from birth to 5 years old will gather at 10:00 am at the Captain's Wheel, wile the other kids, 6-12 will point toward the Bayview Motel/apartments on Main Street at 10:30 We will avoid the year round RV's that are parked there, and do our egg hunt near the fence where the Bayview Daze show & shine usually takes place. We expect things to get a little loose, since Herb has not been an Easter Bunny for many years. We also suspect it won't matter to the kids at all. Come one, come all. anyone that wants to help color eggs, should gather at the Captain's Wheel around 1:00 pm Friday for egg coloring. We could also use help hiding the eggs Saturday Morning.Call me at 683-9107 or Marie at the Wheel 683-1903, or just show up a little before start time and Identify yourself as a volunteer.

Since rampant deer feeding has taken place again here on the north side of town, egg locations will depend on avoiding deer poop piles. They are all over the place. That shouldn't be a problem though. After all, we are country folk. Bring the kids down and prepare to enjoy. You can, of course, always stay in town for lunch at either the Captain's wheel or Ralph's. Do not, however, encourage the children to put small, dark,oval objects in their mouths.


Norma Jean said...

Thanks Herb and I think you will look stunning as the Easter Bunny!

Norma Jean

Bay Views said...

Actually, I won't be wearing the bunny costume. that will be someone else. I'm the behind the scenes stealth bunny.

Bob Prince said...

Herb -
No where in the blog does it say that the Easter egg hunt will take place on Saturday, even though one assumes that after reading it. For my own piece of mind would you please verify that it will take place on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday.