Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool's Day, Etc.

photo by Taryn

Just eight days ago, I had my seventy-first birthday. Asked if I was still chasing fast women, I replied, no, I'm reduced to chasing slow ones. My eyes are starting to light up when I see an older woman using a walker, but then desperation births strange methods. One of the most difficult things about getting older, is that one has no previous experience with the phenomenon. Most knowledge is based on previous experience. aging is something that sneaks up behind you, then announces that you are suddenly old. No warning at all. It just is.

April fool's day is a date that to me doesn't mean playing tricks on people. It is the anniversary, actually the ninth anniversary of the last cigarette that I smoked. Cold turkey, pure will power. I've had two imaginary relapses, where I dreamed that I lit up and woke up the next morning relieved that it hadn't really happened. They say that if you go ten years without smoking lungs will fully regenerate. So far, so good. I had a recent chest x-ray that came up clean.

With the snow mostly gone, I've taken up walking so that when the season starts at the theme park I'll be in shape to walk the required distances. Yes, I'm going back into the entertainment business. This time, not as the railroad conductor. I'll be rotating between three coasters. Timber Terror, Tremors and Aftershock. I hope I see many of you there. Attending local attractions such as theme parks and water parks beats the hell out of long trips away from home, expense wise.

I'll be announcing both Bayview Daze parades and the later one for Athol Days, which is the Centennial for Athol. Hopefully I'll see some of you at one or both celebrations.

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