Thursday, March 19, 2009


Every once in a while, someone decides to disagree with my opinions. that is OK, I enjoy a fruitful discussion where both points of view are shared. Where I differ, is when someone starts out with stuff like, "you've been at the sauce again, or some other denigrating remark that doesn't reflect on the subject matter, but chooses to get personal right off the bat. I've been somewhat ambivalent about these issue, not wanting to choke off legitimate discourse.

When such posts are made, I will usually delete them. Not because they disagree with me, but HOW the disagree with me. One can, of course disagree without becoming disagreeable. Interestingly enough,the disagreeable or even insulting comments come from you guessed it, "anonymous." I don't have any problem with a person that perhaps works in a sensitive occupation that might be adversely affected by negative publicity.

What seems to escape these hit and run posters, is that they can say anything they want without ever admitting who or what they are. These methods of communication are cowardly. I sign my name to everything I write. I never ever have dodged behind a bush so that nobody would know who I was. Most of the time, my posts are non-controversial, but even so, the occasional person that perhaps has personal issues with me and wants to taunt will slip up from beneath a rock, only to slither back after taking his/her shots.

As a result of these rare occasions I will not accept any more anonymous comments. If there is a good reason for not wanting your name used, just e-mail me first, explaining why and I will under those circumstances accept a post as long as it doesn't use my blog to make personal attacks on me or anyone else. Those that follow Huckleberries on line may notice that while many deride the persons that are currently unpopular, due to controversial opinions, etc. None of my comments seek out those people to make fun of just because everyone else does.

There are several options in the comment section. Open ID gives you the opportunity to list a name, or an URL. If you are also a Google blogger, you just have to leave it alone, as it will automatically show you with your blog name. From here on, I will not post anything in the comment section that isn't signed.

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chuck said...

Dear Bayview Friends and Neighbors of Terry Shepherd,

Bayview has had some loving and careing citizens over the years.
Today we need to help one of our own. Terry has looked out for
and cared for many of us. Free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner
come to mind. She has never turned away any that were hungry or broke.
Terry provided care for those who needed, not only food but help
managing their medical and personal needs.

Terry's Cafe was closed this year because the landlord would not repair
the items which the Fire Chief said had to be fixed before reopening.
When it became apparent that the building was not going to be brought
up to code, Terry moved her business to Spirit Lake. She has been sued
for $14000 in rent for the balance of her lease. We felt that Bayview
should repay her for the kindness shown to us over the years, so we helped
her work with an attorney to resolve this issue. The settlement cost Terry
over $4500.
So, friends of Bayview, if you see it in your heart to help Terry defray
the costs in this matter, we would appreciate it.

Please leave any contributions at the Bayview Mercantile or mail them
to Terry Shepherd, c/o P O Box 95, Bayview, ID, 83803

Thank You,
Chuck Waller