Monday, March 23, 2009

Rumors Will Happen

There has been a lot of speculation as to the fire on the Boileau's dock. Some of the rumors are rather spectacular, what with the owners torching the place, enemies of the marina torching the place. Lets just get it all out into the open.

First, Waterford Park L.L.C. has enough marketing problems without losing an asset. That dog just doesn't hunt. Then you have the prospective lessees, ditto. One could make a case for hate toward Holland, but even there, it doesn't hold water. First, there is a security gate allowing only authorized residents and boat owners access to the dock. Residents on that dock, or boat shed renters would be unlikely candidates for arsonists, since their own asset might have burned.

Fire Chief, Jack Krill refused comment, stating that it would be inappropriate for him to give an opinion with an on going investigation. State Fire marshals, Insurance Investigators, all are a part of the scene, as an answer to this mystery is solved.

Wintertime in Bayview, breeds boredom. with boredom, comes speculation.Speculations breed rumors. I would like to put some of these Rumors to rest.First, the rumor that the Timberlake Fire District is setting fires to prove the point made in a study released just five days before this disaster. Anyone that believes this fairy tale should immediately jump back through the looking glass.

Chief Krill, first of all, is perhaps the most professional Fire chief we have had in many years, if ever. When he took over the department, one of the first goals he had, was to bring the department into compliance with standard procedures, as well as inspecting businesses that hadn't been adequately inspected in many years.

Chief Krill systematically inspected each and every business and marina in Bayview. He posted guest limits in some businesses, and in others, suggested that they were way behind the curve when it came to fire prevention. For the most part, these violators were marinas. He immediately reported these conditions to the various businesses. Coincidentally, five days after the report was issued, the disaster at Boileau's happened.

Tonight, I received word that there was a rumor that somehow, someway, the fire department was responsisble for the rash of fires that have erupted recently. The fire at the Saddle Up Restaurant, a few months ago, the mobile home that was destroyed in Athol and finally the patio. It is time to do a credibility check. Bored wintertime residents would be well advise to speak to reality, not fantasy.

These sorts of rumors, even meant as bored entertainment,are destructive, without merit and if followed back to their source, can be actionable.


Bob said...

Just one note.

"First, there is a security gate allowing only authorized residents and boat owners access to the dock."

Well. not really. The "security" gate is NEVER closed and everyone in North Idaho knows the code.
Employees of Holland always leave it open and they give the code to anyone who asks for it.
In the years since Holland took over, every time I went to my boat, the gate has been wide open.
The code has never been changed since Holland bought the place.
Also, you can walk around the "security" gate in two places. :)

So, anyone and everyone has access to the marina, as there is NO security at all.

It will be interesting to hear the results of the investigation.

Bay Views said...

Just a reminder that no anonymous comment will in the future be accepted. One exception would be if the individual were to e-mail the comment to me first, pointing out a legitimate reason why their name shouldn't be used.

Otherwise, thank you for your participation.

Norma Jean said...

For anyone to question Chief Krill's integrity is ludicrous besides just being plain lowdown. The man is a professional. What purpose would it serve for the fire department to go about setting fires. I think our brains may have become a little frosty with this past winter's snow. The fire department is doing its job, helping us to prevent fires and providing education.

I know for a fact that the security gate has been closed because I personally have been guilty of closing the gate believe it or not and I am a former WPH employee.

Why anyone on the dock whether resident or boat owner would deliberately start a fire is beyond reasoning.

Thank you Herb,

Norma Jean

bayviewjanet said...

There was another fire back on the docks back in the 80's. Does anyone remember? A really nice man died tryng to put it out.

One good thing came from it. The fire dept. campaigned for some huge improvements, and got them.

With the danger of gallons of fuel nearby, who would be so foolish as to SET a fire?

Jack Krill said...

Thank you Herb, Norma Jean, and others for the support of your firefighters and fire chief. We truly appreciate it.

The fire in the 80's was on May 4, 1986 at Boileou's Marina. Bayview Firefighter Gerald Franz died at this fire. The fire station in Bayview is named after him. A memorial to Mr. Franz is posted on our web site at