Friday, March 27, 2009

Being Grandpa

Yesterday was an all day excursion to Spokane for Grandparents Day at Northwest Christian School where my son Brian Teaches fourth grade. My three grandchildren, Alice, Mercy and Irene attend school there in the 5th, 3rd and Kindergarten.

The occasion was an hour long program consisting of groups singing, band and choir, all grades participating. Following that, a scrumptious dinner fixed by my Daughter-in-law, Jen. Shortly thereafter, my son Brian and the girls all dressed up for a father daughter night with a western motif.

I'm back home now, where I can re-assume my mantel as a Curmudgeon. Not too much going on since the fire. No cause has been announced yet, but I have the feeling it's known and just not appropriate at this time to discuss it. The history of Bayview has been fraught with fires. Many years ago, Vista Bay Marina burned to the water. just, what? around seven years ago, a boat caught fire while a vacuum cleaner was being used on the boat, sparking and igniting lingering fumes. That on was on the same dock as the Patio. It burned several boat slips plus two float homes out on the end of the dock. Earlier, on thanksgiving, three fishermen set out for a day of fishing only to have a malfunctioning propane hose light the boat on fire. All three jumped overboard with local boaters rescuing two of the three. Going further back, the mail boat caught fire just after leaving the fuel dock and of the mail carrier and one passenger, only the passenger survived.

Perhaps it is time to review fueling procedures, as well as heating systems on boats. Marinas are not for the most part up to code, and need desperately to comply with fire codes. The fire at the patio, if not caught in time, would have spread to the gas dock and probably wiped out the entire marina. Only the very fast response of Chief Krill and his troops saved the day. speaking of which, Krill still hasn't got enough volunteers to man the local station here in Bayview. How about it guys. Anyone out there want to help save your neighbor's house or boat?

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Anonymous said...

Herb, what we have here is a small world situation. My son Sam is in the same class as Mercy!
Cindy H.