Monday, March 09, 2009

Mother Nature's Playpen

Just as we were getting rid of the mountains of snow that has plagued us since mid-December, grass starting to grow, trees budding, wham! An arctic outbreak is sweeping into the area which will give us somewhere between 4 and 6 inches of snow by Tuesday A.M. Then a blast of unseasonable air will come storming into the area plunging temperatures down to below zero.This global warming is getting serious. With any more warming such as we have had the last two years, we can look forward to spring weather sometime in July.

Hey, this is one-third of the way through March! give me a break. There was one period at the end of December that I couldn't access my car for a week. then when I got it out of the parking space, it snowed in just behind me. My car lived at the Captain's Wheel for two weeks.

Soon after this belated blast of winter, we should finally see a warming trend and early spring. After all, didn't I see four robins in the yard yesterday?

I must have jinxed us where I visited the garden store the other day. Oh well, time to check my mail and a peek at the river Journal site to see if it's out yet. It is.Incidentally, for you folks that are out of the circulation area, which is from Clark Fork through Sandpoint and ending at Athol, Idaho. You can, however, access the stories by going to:

I'll be writing just one column per month under the new combined Sunday format, plus the River Journal. some additional features may be allowed if the content is interesting enough. If any of you local folks have any story ideas, do not hesitate to give me a heads up. I don't always hear about them.

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