Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buttonhook Opens For The Season

The Buttonhook Restaurant will open April 10 at 4:00 pm, under new ownership. We are not releasing the name of the new owner, since permission hasn't been granted. In these situations, most participants do not want premature announcements made until the sale is signed and recorded. We understand that Steve will be back as well as Joni, the ever popular bartender. Stormy will be back also.Business is picking up with the approach (ever so slowly) of spring, and with the Captain's Wheel the only full service restaurant currently open, the 'Hook is needed for the onslaught of tourists soon to follow. Spring hours will be Friday and Saturday only from 4-10pm lounge and dinner from 5-9pm. Expanded hours will start with Memorial Day Weekend.

Speaking of the Captain's Wheel, they will go to seven day service beginning April 6. Spring dinner hours will be until 8pm and 9pm on Friday-Saturday nights.Already restaffed by returnees, your favorite waitress is probably back. The real start of the season, though, is the ever present Annuals. This loose group and I mean that both ways, has been returning to Farragut and the Wheel for the last 22 years. Second generation party animals have replaced those that have given up with age, though that number is small.But before that, live music starts at the Wheel Saturday nite, April 18. Ozmo Boogie will be featured, Always a huge favorite. They will also perform May 15 which is a Friday night. That is in honor of the Annuals.

As of now, Sunday dinner hours are back to 8 pm. From Mother's Day onward, additional expanded services and hours will commence. More on that later. No news on what Terry is going to do, having been closed except for Tuesdays, all winter. Ralph's Internet Cafe to plugging along with great additions to the menu and will be the only place for lunch along with the Captain's Wheel. He also is serving breakfasts which has been a great success. Ralph will deliver for large orders, too. 683-2218.

The snow has melted, most boats are still floating, temperatures are moderating. dust off the mold from sitting around all winter and come on down.

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Bay Views said...

While I appreciate helpful information, I pointed out that I was not releasing the name of the new owner. The transaction may not be complete yet and It isn't appropriate for me to spill the beans, even though many already know. Also a reminder that I am not publishing any comments that are anonymous. If you must remain anonymous, send me an e-mail with your name and what alias you'll be using.