Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boileau's Patio Burns

Sleepy wintertime Bayview woke up to some excitement late last night, when an emergency call went out to Timberlake fire Department. Boileau's Patio was on fire. The interior, fully engulfed was gutted, but Chief Jack Krill believes the structure to be sound, and will be rebuilt as soon as permits can be issued. The gas dock behind the store was unaffected, as the fire department quickly contained the blaze.

The fire marshal, when asked of the cause, said that it was as of yet undetermined. He went on to say,"The fire department did a heck of a job to bat that fire down as quickly as they did."

The irony of it all, was that the new prospective lessees, Scott and Jeanne Bjerge, owners of the Bayview Mercantile, were scheduled to sign a lease Saturday morning. This will obviously be delayed.

The original store dated back into the 30's according to Leonard Bright who built the new store and tore down the old one. Alice Eaton, one of the oldest residents of Bayview, remembers it when it was run by a Wilson family.

The Fiscus family bought the resort in 1965, and in 1992, rebuilt the store which was located on the north side of the dock, and moved it to it's present location next to the boat launching ramp. The resort was subsequently sold to Waterford Park Homes, L.L.C. in 2005.

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