Friday, March 27, 2009

Patio Fire, Revisited

Information obtained off the record indicates that the fire at the Patio Restaurant was set by an arsonist. Fire chief Jack Krill in conjunction with the fire marshal has turned the investigation over to the Kootenai County sheriff Department. At this time there are no suspects. Rumors that the owners set a fire tend to be without merit since a new tenant was set to sign a lease to operate the premises for the coming tourist season. Ditto for the tenants of the dock, since that would be akin to sitting on a limb, while sawing it off behind you.

From under some rock, a probability exists that a former employee of Waterford Park Homes, L.L.C. has tipped over,or that a long time boat slip renter freaked out after losing their ability to pay.

It should go without saying that many people, both floathome owners and boat slip renters have experienced steep rate increases. We will not speculate about the cause, simply because there is no obvious reason someone would do such a thing.

The fire that destroyed the patio at Boileau's last week has been determined to be Arson. Results of the investigation by the Timberlake Fire District and the fire marshal have been referred to the Kootenai County Sheriff Department for investigation. The apparent indication of accelerants at the fire location and the proximity of the building behind the patio with stairs and access to the balcony over looking the cafe is where the fire burned the hottest.

On the surface of the issue, no immediate suspects surfaced, yet one source that is a respectable witness, tells us that they know who did it and have reported it to the proper authorities. Chief Jack Krill made this statement:

“The Timberlake Fire Protection District and Idaho State Fire Marshal’s Office has completed the joint investigation of the fire. We have determined, with a high degree of confidence, the origin and cause of the fire; however we cannot release the information at this time. The case was turned over to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, March 24.”

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