Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Global Warming. Our Fault? or Mother Nature

In or around 1968, long after the industrial revolution, climatologists were predicting a possible return to the ice age. Well, that didn't happen, at least not then. Now we have seen a small (roughly 2.0 ) rise in global temperatures over the last few years. As I see it, the argument used to be scientific, but is now that the liberal mantra is global warming is destroying the earth, take us back to whence we came. Introduce wolves, protect Cougars, (not the WSU kind) stop cutting our most renewable resource, our national forest trees.In short, these lefty goons want to take our world away from us in an orgy of dehumanizing of the earth. My question is aren't they part of the species too? And hey, who elected them to any office. Sierra Club? Private organization. Nowhere in our constitution does it say a private group can by miss-use of our court system, take over our country, or for that matter, the world. They need to be treated as any other threat to our system of democratic government. Actually, a republic, but I don't wish to digress to that degree.

On the other hand, some, if not many industrialists, that is if we have any left after shipping the rust belt off-shore, believe that this is merely a cyclical phenomenon that has occurred throughout the ages, with numerous ice ages, and even more warming trends. Since this is going to take many years, perhaps even hundreds, to play out, Nobody is going to win the argument in our lifetimes.

This is no longer a scientific survey, but a political football. One side says yes, we have global warming, but it is a natural cycle. The other, pretty much says,"the sky is falling." I suggest that first, shipping our heavy industry off-shore didn't change the hazards to climate. It just shifted the sources further away from us, but the shifting high altitude winds are still delivering crap to us from China and other locations. Last night, the temperatures in Bayview, modified by the warmer water of Lake Pend Oreille registered a minus 3 degrees, Fahrenheit. Today, March 11, the high was 28 degrees. Realizing that weather is not climate, we must also recognize that a whole bunch of weather over a long period of time, represents climate.

Until we get scientists that haven't been brainwashed in our uber-liberal Universities and think tanks, crap will still have a political brand as it floats downhill toward us.It is time to listen to the other side of the argument, rather than just the "Chicken Little's," of our world.

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