Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boileau's Floating Patio

Work continues on the rebuilding of the floating patio at Boileau's. As a tragic postscript to the arson caused fire that burned the structure, Leon Bergom, age 67, experienced a heart attack just after securing the last roof trusses, April 13. He and his family run a construction company that has done some work at Vista Bay Marina as well. Pausing only for a funeral, the family pitched in and are finishing this project in honor of the patriarch of the business.

As of this date, no arrests have been made, though it is widely known that there is a suspect at large. We will not name that person, since no arrest has been made, and no charges filed.


In other local news, Athol Elementary 5th graders staged a rocket exhibition Monday. The entire student body sat in a semi-circle watching as David Moon, fifth grade teacher, supervised the kids that built the rockets and fired them off themselves. All of the students had obviously been coached on safety and it showed. These rockets were powered by black powder cartridges that resembled a 12 gauge shotgun shell in size. When the rockets reached their apogee and started back down, little parachutes deployed. The wind picked up a little, so the the rockets had to be pointed back toward the street to allow for the parachutes to come down inside the school property. About four didn't make it, sailing into the trees at the north end of the play field.

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