Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buttonhook Kitchen Opens

At last food will be available at the 'Hook. Starting Thursday, May 20. But you don't have to wait until then to have a great time.Karaoke with Renee will be a Sunday afternoon feature starting at 5:00 pm. This Sunday May 16 kicks the season off. Renee does the Wednesday night karaoke at Rusty's in Hayden and is a fantastic singer. Many real good singers can't come out for evening events due to an early work schedule. The Sunday afternoon gig should be widely attended providing we can get the word out.

If you are a singer, come on down. If you have friends that sing get them down here Sunday. The only down side of this is that you may have to listen to me sing. I don't have a copy of the menu yet, but I am told that most meals will be affordable.

In other news, Ralph Jones and Norma Jean Knowles revisited the issue of allowing outside food vendors at our Bayview Daze last night at the Bayview Chamber of commerce meeting. Apparently the vote was taken without at first being announced as an agenda item and was declared illegal by the parliamentarian. James Darling has offered his parking lot as a substitute location, but it's being two blocks up the street.

Other Bayview Daze news. The 25th U.S. Army band which performed two years ago for our parade has agreed to stage a free concert on Sunday afternoon, July 4. They can't make the parade, but will make this stop on the way south. The Sergeant in charge said that when they did Bayview it was the most entertaining gig for them that they have experienced. The concert will be located at the Bayview Scenic Apartments and RV park on the lawn. The time will be announced later.

As an aside, Ralph was visiting with the candidate for County Commissioner, Dan Green who said to him, "This is very interesting. I don't think I've ever seen a business have to fight the Chamber of Commerce for the right to do business."


Anonymous said...

Herb, darling, it is Bayview Scenic Apartments and RV Park.


PS Touch'

Anonymous said...

karaoke? Thanks for the warning.

Anonymous said...

Karaoke only good singers? good Luck!

Bay Views said...

I can totally agree with 5:19 in many cases. Rusty's Hayden doesn't have that problem and we have the same karaoke gal up here. I suggest we give it a chance, then report back. ok? There's not much going on Sunday pm's, so at least we are keeping it out of prime time. If crowds start showing up then maybe we can talk about live entertainment. At this time we are sticking out toes in the water gradually. Many adjustments will hapen as customers reuest them and crowds make them viable. Come on down and then tell us what you think.

Ric said...

Herb, without opening up a can of worm.....what is the reasoning behind not letting Ralph (or whoever for that matter) have a booth serving food and drink town town? It can't be competion !!

Bay Views said...

I don't think Ralph asked for a booth. He already has the cafe. I believe the issue was that a long standing chamber policy of not letting outdside food venders have a booth, was overturned and a non-resident allowed to have one. Ralph and the Bay Cafe objected, saying that one of the purposes of Bayview Daze is to help local businesses, not compete with them.I'm not sure what the outcome was.