Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend Doings

Saturday's three events sponsored by the Bayview Centennial Committee went quite well. Considering the day long downpour it went extremely well.

The dedication of the Centennial monument was a great hit. With Kris Crocker as the MC, she was a bit embarrassed when faced with the results of a missed weather forecast. It was totally ironic that she stood in the unforecasted rain, reading off the list of donors for the monument. An estimated 75 people showed up in the rain at the dedication.
A young man, aide to Senator Risch read a senate proclamation praising Bayview which is being read into the record in the Senate. Tersa Long spoke also. Teresa and her husband David designed and built the monument that was dedicated Saturday.

The guided tours of historic Bayview were feared to be scuttled as the rain continued to come down steadily. That didn't happen. We probably had 30 to 40 guests that trekked on foot from Dick Hansen's (Spear) home back to the naval base and to the starting point in front of the Bay Cafe.

The high point of the day's activities though was the $5.00 a pop pit barbecue at the community center, whose board graciously allowed the committee to use for the occasion. One hundred 85 diners wiped out the food supply, but everyone went home with a full belly.

Tonite, Sunday should continue to be brisk with Monday being the go home day in this three day week-end. The Buttonhook will be closed Mondays, but breakfasts and lunch can be found at the Bay Cafe, Ralph's and the Floating Patio. Ralph's and the Patio also serve during the evening hours as well.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I could not participate in the day's festivities due to work constraints. But the event from my limited perspective looked to be well attended. Hooray to Bayview, coming together for a wonderful, if soggy, weekend!

Anonymous said...

What about the Huckleberry Breakfast? Did you honestly miss mentioning anything about that or promoting it? Makes me wonder if you have an ax to grind with the Chamber. As an FYI -- It too went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed themselves. You may find it interesting to see who won the prizes.

Inquiry Mind????

Bay Views said...

I am probably the only person that I know that does not have an ax to grind. I stopped going to meetings of all groups and rely on interviews from those that did. This serves two purposes. One, I don't get tangled up in the feuds that seem to abound in our small community, and two I'm not interested at all in factionalism.

It is typical for someone that first doesn't identify themselves to take shots at me. I started my job at the Button Hook Friday Saturday and sunday and wore myself to a frazzle. I also stood in the rain Saturday, covering the Centennial monument dedication, then went to work at the 'Hook. I have no ax to grind, but that doesn't mean I have a perfect memory. I simply forgot. If you wish to question my motives, then name yourself.

Bay Views said...

An additional thought. I have looked back to all of my e-mails, and nowhere was there a refference to the Pancake breakfast. It is not my responisbility to track down information. If you want your news to reach the paper or my blog, you first must inform me of those events. I take no responsitbility for news that doesn't reach me. I confess that during the hectic weekend Someone, for the first time mentioned the pancake breakfast. I was already overwhelmed and lacking an e-mail from any of the organizers, dropped the ball.

I would never use my blog to punish any community organization that has a nessage they want to get out.

If there are those, and there are, that wish to discredit me, you may use another venue, since I will not print personal attacks.

Anonymous said...


I think that you do the best you can to cover events as they happen in Bayview. It looked to me like the Pancake Feed went off well from my perspective.

Again a great weekend in Bayview despite the soggy weather.
Quit with the arguments "anonymous" and move on.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

Herb, that you have to respond to a person that is laying in wait to attack is unfortunate, but you did a great job in your response :)