Friday, May 28, 2010

Runnin' Out Of Prime

Sticking our toe in the water, so to speak, we sold out of Prime rib in about 1 and 1/2 hours. The chef was disappointed that we couldn't feed more people and vowed to bring back prime for Saturday night too.

Aside from the restaurant I wore myself out at last night, The centennial folks have some fun stuff going on. 10:30 am is the dedication of the entrance to Bayview sign that Dave & Teresa Long built at cost for the community. Honored will be the fine folks that dug into their pockets for donations to build and mount the sign. A TV dignitary will be the MC and with any luck, nobody will get run over at the blind curve it sits at.

Around 11:00 am or so will be the walking tours of the historical parts of Bayview, with Ralph Jones leading off with myself taking the second shift, followed by Bayview's wonderful historian, Linda Hackbarth leading the cleanup spot. It might even be of interest to local folks as many have no idea what came before and still exists.

A pit barbecue is planned in the late afternoon at the community center across from the post office. The folks that are doing the fixins are experts. I only wish I didn't have to work at the Buttonhook during that one. Perhaps some of you could sashay down to the hook later for a libation or three.

By the time I squeeze in some sleep, hopefully get up in time to witness the dedication and do the walking tours, I'll be dead on my feet come my shift at the 'Hook. Oh well, we all have to give what we can. I want to at this time congratulate all of the fine work of the Centennial committee, and again thank Linda Hackbarth for her tiresless efforts, in helping me with the four part history of Bayview published in the spokesman-Review.

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