Friday, May 07, 2010

Equal Time

In the interest of fair play, I am publishing this announcement by Sheryl Puckett, who is heading up the "sit In" which I suggested was a bit over the top.

We are the "Bench Party"
Standing Up For Sitting Down

Sit and enjoy the view
And what a view it is

This Saturday May 8th from 10 till 11 a.m.


Despite cold, blustery weather and the threat of rain, many community members
of Bayview came together to send a message to IDP&R that the removal
and failure to replace a sitting public bench at Lake Pend Oreille is
not acceptable.

Five attendees not in photo. Here's a video of the gang at Farragut:

Sheryl Puckett

*One can only wonder which 5 didn't want to be seen in the picture. (herb)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just watched that youtube video and think you might need to eat dirt. if I wasn't convinced before, I'm convinced now. Bring back the bench.