Monday, May 24, 2010

Historical stuff plus a commercial message

I have several things on my mind tonight. First and foremost, the sign in front of the Buttonhook has been repeatedly vandalized since opening. Rearranging letters to form words that are suggestive and worse. We apologize for not having better information on the reader board, but if juvenile behavior by either juveniles, or even worse, adult juveniles get their kicks this way we will not be able to properly communicate with the community. We will try to get new information out on this blog. If you know others that do not follow the blog, please pass information on that may be of interest.

First up, if you don't like karaoke and the noise level it creates, I suggest you plan your bar night out for another night. We have used Sunday Afternoon as a low volume dinner period that also contributes to singers that get up early having a place to sing.Sundays will be the only night that music is going to be on the menu.

Starting Memorial Day Weekend,the restaurant will start serving sirloin steaks in addition to the New York steaks that have been served so far. In addition to that, prime rib dinners will begin Friday nights starting Memorial weekend. Management will continue to tweak the services offered as the public requests them.

Lunch is now available at the Buttonhook, serving at 12:00 noon.

Aside from the commercial message above, many of you read part two of the series of the history of Bayview. Featuring Farragut, and the town that was almost swallowed by the navy, part three will feature the war years.since during World War 11, the naval training base was the 800 pound gorilla in your living room. We want to feature those also that served, not just in the navy but in all of the services from the families in Bayview. If you have family members that served, or know of some that did, please e-mail me, not as a comment on the blog, but directly, so that I may collate these stories about Bayview's contribution to the greatest generation. We also want stories about interaction between the navy and Bayview residents, including any stories about the local people surviving the naval domination during that time. Any other stories you care to share that would in your opinion be of interest, also will be welcome. Remember, this is your history, not mine.

Several errors have occurred along the way, such as Hattie, the first Post mistress being depicted by an errant key click as a male is wrong. She was very much a lady. As usual many sources of information turn out to be wrong. When writing history without having been there, it requires much research gleaned from older residents, who's memories may be a bit tarnished. Heck mine are and I'm not even close to being as old as those I pick on for information. Please feel free to e-mail me any corrections you feel are in order along with of course, the correct stuff. Information I use for this history is limited to those that I know of. If I have made material errors, and I have, please send the corrections to me. At the end of this series, I will write a column solely to set straight any mistakes, so that in the distant future, should a historian check the newspaper archives for information, we won't lead them too far astray.


Anonymous said...

Only error I found was:

It should be "whose" instead of "who's." Just had to be picky.

Anonymous said...

Love your updates - keep them coming! Do you know if the buttonhook has added more seating in the bar? Last year there was a couch or two taking up precious table space near the door.

Bay Views said...

Chan removed the couches along with the fireplace. We installed some high table "buddy bars" seating about twelve. Come on down and see for yourselves. We are now serving lunch starting at twelve noon. Please remember we are closed on Mondays. Remember that Ralph's and the Patio are there to serve you when we are not.