Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Seasons

The next couple of weeks will bring many changes to our town. First up is the opening of the Buttonhook for dinners. The plan is to move to serving lunches just as soon as more people show up. Thursday, May 20 is the start of the food service. Karaoke will start tomorrow, Sunday at 5:00. This is a welcome change from evening singing, since there are some very good singers that have to rise early in the morning and can't attend stuff that starts at 9:00 pm. It should be a great party. Renee, the Karaoke Girl that performs at Rusty's i Hayden has a great following and does not feature a lousy singer in the whole bunch. Check it out.

For those of you that follow my stuff in the Spokesman-Review, I'm featured a bit more this month. Tomorrow, Sunday, will have a handle extra front page article on the rebirth of the Saddle-Up in Athol. It burned down a couple of years ago and through donations and other private means have started to rise from the ashes. It should be renamed the Phoenix, since it rose from the ashes.

The following Sunday will feature two stories in the Handle Extra. One, will be the second of four parts of the history of Bayview. It will cover the period from around 1910 to the war years. Obviously the space limitations prohibit the whole story, but then you can get that from Linda Hackbarth's book on the subject will also review the Memorial day weekend activities.

Last but not least, don't forget the invasion of the Annuals, scheduled for the weekend of the 21-22-23rd. They traditionally Hung out at the Wheel, but well, that appears over with for at least this Summer. They will of course be welcomed fondly at the Patio, Buttonhook and JD's. Don't forget Ralph's coffee house and sandwich shop next to the laundramat. He has killer food. The former Terry's is now the Bay Cafe and does breakfast and lunch the old fashioned way. From scratch.

Hey folks, come on down. Tis the season again. The sun has peeked out, it's warming up, It's Tourista Time.


Anonymous said...

Where's the best place to get a boat slip for a cruiser? Vista Bay???

Bay Views said...

You didn't say how big, but you can rent slips both seasonal and covered in three marinas by calling Scenic Bay Marina. Best to call tomorrow since the gal that knows what is going on is off tues and wednesdays. 208-683-2243.