Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hazel For School Board

In a recent conversation with Christa Hazel, I remarked, "I would ask your party affiliation but then this is a non-partisan office, isn't it."

This was her reply:
I have always been Republican.  Rumors to the contrary are false.

I served as a constituent representative for Sen. Dirk Kempthorne while a student at NIC.  I also was a volunteer campaign coordinator for Phill Batt for Latah County (I was a Kootenai County resident) while I attended the University of Idaho.  I assisted Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth's campaign.  I helped organize a fundraiser for Butch Otter's campaign for Lt. governor.  In 1994, I briefly filed as a candidate against Rep. Tom Dorr but withdrew after I was accepted to law school. I had been recruited by Kootenai GOP Grand Dame Ruthie Johnson.

The Kootenai County Taxpayers Association and the late Ron Rankin once gave me a Courage in Service award.  Ron was very supportive while I served as the student body president at NIC.  I was 20 years old. 

I have not been as active post-law school because I had two children at home that took most of my time.  What time I did have, I volunteered to the district. My children are now 9 and 11.  

In the most recent elections, my husband and I donated to Ed Morse's successful campaign against Phil Hart.  (I drafted the original timber theft opinion for Judge Bob Burton against Phil Hart that withstood Idaho Supreme Court review).  We also hosted a fundraiser for Barry McHugh.

I have a letter from Sen. Kempthorne, written on my behalf, that states in part, "I am happy to recommend Christa for anything that would fully utilize her knowledge and enthusiasm for government and politics."

Yes, Herb-- I am a Republican.

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