Monday, March 04, 2013

We're #1

We are number 1. In both polls.Yes, I know. Not many of us attended Gonzaga or are even Catholic, but that doesn't matter. They are family to most sports fans in the Inland Northwest. Never, in the history of Gonzaga basketball have they been ranked this high. I'm not sure any mid-major school has.

The problem now though is the target on their backs. Every team the Zags play from here on out will be trying just a little harder to unseat the kings of the hill.We might as well celebrate now, because next year could be a disaster. The Zags with Olynyk having graduated already and even with another year of eligibility, could go pro. That along with Hart and Harris graduating could wipe out the entire front line leaving the outstanding back line to carry the freight.

Only Illinois was a legitimate loss, what with the freak ending at Butler. Some of the teams Gonzaga beat along the way, were West Virginia, Clemson, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Baylor, all basketball powers. Of course, in addition to that non-conference schedule, they went through the WCC like it wasn't even a challenge. Only Saint Marys was a close call.

The Dog Pound is empty now and quiet reigns, but for most of the year the gym was bulging with racous fans urging the team on. The next challenge is the league playoffs then the NCAA. It ain't over yet and the fat lady hasn't sung, but we will be there, rooting on our team.

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