Monday, March 25, 2013

Power Corrupts And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

First the firing of the best public defender in Kootenai County History over personal attacks and council bullying, now a country treasurer not daring to retire for fear far right politics will skew what has been twelve years of smooth operation.

Perhaps it is time to stop Spencer candidates from being elected from the hinterlands of what ever planet his political persuasion originates from. Jai Nelson is misusing the power bestowed upon her and the other two are going along with her.

When doing a good job interferes with a political agenda, it is time to replace the political thorn in the county's side. I urge those of you that have been outraged by the antics of the few, guided by the most far right and power hungry of our Republican Party, to select new candidates or even recall those that have abused their positions to settle personal issues. If you wish to be heard, send a powerful message to Jai Nelson at:

Do you miss our previous council president yet?

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