Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well actually, I'm not on a rod trip since I flew. My adult kids bought me a plane ticket to Oakland, California where my son Herb Jr picked me up. He lives in Manteca, a daughter in Modesto and another in Capitola. To make everyone feel bad, the daytime temps are in the 70'

I'm still excited that after being a hydro fan for 60 years, I now get to top it by being selected to be the PA announcer. That I am stoked is an understatement. This will be the high point in my life, ranking just under the birth of my kids. The challenge will be daunting, but having a hydro background will help tremendously.

Later today on to Modesto where my eldest daughter will feed us. I'll stay there until Wednesday whence I will return to Manteca. My other daughter, Sussie, is scheduled for surgery Tuesday, so I will top off the visit by dropping by the Santa Clara hospital on my way to the airport. I will return just one day after my 75th birthday. It is truly great to eat someone else s cooking. I am waiting on ESPN where the bracks will be chosen. Already the announce has been snarky about the Zags.

Since the family is planning the mother of all birthday parties, My return will consist of a two hour flight and a hangover.. As always it is fun to go and more fun to get back home.

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