Thursday, March 28, 2013

School Board Elections

It somehow amazes me when the Ideologues are so wrapped up in their practice of preaching to the Choir, that they forget an important ingredient for good government.

Yes, political philosophy is important, but only to a point. That point is first, that the philosophy is not destructive as it was when Adams was elected to the Coeur d'Alene city council. Secondly, and a point that has been glossed over, is that the candidate be qualified for the office he or she seeks.

The School board trustee election is a case in point. On the one hand there are two candidates that appear to have only membership in the falsely named Reagan Republicans as their sole qualification. With a lobby of same thinkers behind them we are in danger of turning our institutions into funny farms.

The school board elections in Coeur d'Alene are supposed to be non-partisan. The Reagan Republicans didn't waste any time smearing Christa Hazel with the hated librul label, this a woman that worked for Helen Chenoweth, who was certainly not left of center.

Christa is a parent with school age children, as is Hearn. I personanlly believe that having skin in the game is terribly important, since there is a direct effect on one's own kids if poor education is present.She also has a law degree. Having been involved with community affairs since before college, you coun't ask for a better qualified candidate.

Tom Hearn, also a parent with young kids is a mental health professional with a ton of experience. The kind that the schools need. I have no idea what Hearn's politics are because you see, it is a non-partisan office. I think the only reservation I would have about any candidate is first, don;t elect another political candidiate that normally resides on a different planet.

The election and subsequent disaster on the city council should be warning enough. Bring forth people with common sense, beware of social engineering in our schools and we will as our children, prosper in the future.  Above all, be sure your vote goes for someone that cares about the kids, not inserting politics into our education system.

These are two excellent choices. Use them.

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