Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wounded Warriors At Diamond Cup

The Diamond Cup committee has been contacted by a group called Operation Ward57. This is a non-profit group that supports Wounded Warriors in many different ways. An all volunteer group that assists wounded Veterans return to civilian lives that have disabilities.

The Diamond Cup committee is proud to support this group with free passes to the best seats on the course, along with transportation to and from the race site.

Thousands of myriad details are yet to be addressed between now and race day, August 30 Through September 1  Labor Day Weekend. Posters will be out soon showing times and dates for all events. Along with the H-1 Jet boats, there will be an exhibition race with the vintage Thunder Boats, sporting Allison and Rolls-Merlin engines used in World War 11 fighter  planes such as the P-51 Mustang and the Spitfire of battle of Britain fame.

Limited Hydros won't be left out either.  The Grand Prix boats are nothing to sneer at. They sport 454 blown engines that can propel the boats up to 150 mph.

Friday, August 30 will feature testing along with Jet boat qualifying. The pits will be open to the public that day, closed Saturday and Sunday. The Budweiser Distributor will distribute posters at all beer outlets and your favorite watering hole.

Two web addresses to take note of are:, where you can offer financial support for out wpounded vets, and for race tickets.

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