Saturday, March 21, 2015


Aging is a mysterious trip. The first rule is you've never been there before, therefor the rest of the journey is a new experience. Monday, March 23 marks my 77th birthday. I still think like a 40 year old which sometimes causes problems.

Probably the only thing keeping me sane is that I don't have a wife that nags. Actually, I don't have a wife at all. Having struck out several times, I finally decided that either I wasn't god at being a husband, or I wasn't good at picking the right women. Either way, spells loser. I am successful at being an expert Curmudgeon, which I am proud of. That and the joy have having children and grandchildren finally within commuting range.

Here is the newest superstar grandchild. Patience Huseland who first  greeted us the first day of January 1913. She is now a precocious 2 year old with an either brother or sister is on the way. I attended a high school play recently that stared three of my older granddaughters of the same family. Alice, singer and actress, 16, Mercy,ballet dancer, and Irene, wild animal trainer. As soon as I get pictures from my son I will exhibit them in a future post.

The mysterious part of attaining this age, is that like said above, I haven't been here before. I'm not as active as I used to be, but in my mind, I feel the same as always with perhaps more knowledge. Unfortunately, as in a computer hard drive, capacity is a problem. Memories are are an adventure as stuff I know can't be pulled up from my human computer.

As is, I will treat myself to Dinner, drinks and try to stay reasonably sober. I have to wake up Tuesday with a reasonable chance at showing up at the Spokane VA for two appointments. Speaking of the VA, the constant criticisms it has endured, the influx of new patients from 15 years of war and occupation, they are doing well at adjusting to a heavier workload compounded by a stingy congress that can't seem to recognize that funding these programs is a sacred promise given to our service people when they enlist. After the VA I will attend my one day late birthday party

My personal health provider, after some not so good previous ones is excellent. At the risk of overloading him, Mike McIssac of the Sandpoint office of the VA is the best. He has been working at keeping me healthy for about 5 years and as of today, well I woke up alive again this morning. I now have a reasonable chance at hitting 80 which is now only three years away.

Several problems with attaining this age though, is I have to eat my own cooking all the time, go years without a sex life and generally more opinionated which may have something to do with the previously mentioned problems.

Still, all in all, having a 77th birthday is so much better than dieing younger. 

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