Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I don't think that our global warming is particularly new, since the last Ice Age ended and warming started around 10,000 years ago. I am using England and Ireland as my example, since the Penguin Group published that history "from earliest times to the present day. This trend is still the same one that started 10,000 years ago. At some point, this will reverse itself. One of the more interesting aspect of rising water, it that the pressure of huge amounts of water can cause land to rise as well.

Putting this myth to death is simple. Blaming warming trends on earth's occupants is a political exercise for other purposes. For example, saving the spotted owl wasn't about saving owls, it was for the express purpose of ending logging as we know it. Using terms like "old growth" is a catchall for older trees invented in the newsrooms of those that knowingly publish rubbish for political ends.

This nonfiction history of the British Isles is giving me a great education. For those that would like the book, The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish history, published in 2001. It is a treasure trove of a record of our planet as it evolves.

Clean air, water and soil is of course important to all of us, since we share this planet too. Like any subject extremists will come out of the woodwork using "Chicken Little, " as their model. For many years this exaggeration has been the platform of choice. First scare people then blame the scare on those evil overlords that populate the right. The robber barons so glibly termed as those that rob from the poor and give to the rich. A reversal of the Robbin Hood syndrome.

Some of the extremism are opposing thinning of our public forests which then gives the remaining trees a chance of a long life. The correct non politicized terms are 1st growth (virgin forests) 2nd growth, 3rd growth and on up to the 5th or 6rg growth in present times.

Redistribution of wealth from intelligent hard workers has been around for ever. The myth/lie that all wealth was created by cheating those with less. That, my friends is known as extreme jealousy of those who are successful by those that live comfortably with the dream that does not include hard work, but just government doing their best to share those with wealth with those without. An unfortunate statistic this that there are many more without than with.

Not all forestry practices are bad, though clear cutting isn't so popular anymore.   Before you hug every tree, remember that managed well, it is a renewable resource that allows all of us to have wood in our homes.

Chicken Little is not science.


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