Tuesday, April 07, 2015


It is always a pleasure to see the team that beat you make it to the top. Makes you feel warm all over, it does. There were several reasons that Gonzaga bit the big one.

First, one of the best three point teams in the nation couldn't hit beyond the three point line with a seeing eye dog. Guys like Bell and Pangos that could thread the needle all season  long had a bad day on the wrong night. Even Wiljer was cold.

Then there were the turnovers. Once great at ball control, Duke regularly stole the ball from the great back court of the Zags. The third thing that stuck the knife  Zags, Even though on different nights, the West Siders rooting for Krzyzewski's Blue evil Blue devils snuck a bunch of K rags into the Clink, then had the audacity to bring them into the Mariners home field  waving them wildly as they celebrated the downfall of our sainted Bull Dogs during last night Mariner's opening night victory over the cussed Angels.

First, shouldn't a last name of 10 letters have more than 3 vowels? God should have kinds helped out. After all, these Gonzaga Bull dogs had priests and Nuns rooting for them, while Duke just had the Devil. Makes you weep at the injustice.

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