Friday, April 17, 2015


An election will be held at the community center May 19. Why should you care? First, this will be the first open election since the Water & Sewer District was created. The problem comes from dedicated people that have served for a long time. The only notice that an election will be held in about two lines in the legal notices. Long time board members tend to feel ownership, which creates a lack of growth.

The reason we don't have participation is simple. No effort by the sitting board has been offered in addition to the required legal notice. This causes  apathy as long as faucets give water, and the toilets flush. I personally get the impression that input by interested citizens is considered interference rather than contributions.

The lack of timely audits,  and above all else, transparency is sadly lacking. We as resident customers have no way to see where our money is, or how much money is in reserve, if any. The bottom line is not all state laws pertaining our water & sewer district are being followed.

Other venues, such as in Athol, reminds us that regardless of the integrity of our current board members, stuff can happen.
Two dedicated residents are running for the two board positions. both are college professors with knowledge of how businesses are run. Sharon Meyer (you can't possibly avoid seeing her signs) is running for one position and Stephen May, a veteran entrepreneur, the other. They took the time to make sure we all are aware of this date, Tuesday May 19 at the community center.

Bayview is growing and we need some fresh ideas so that the district can move ahead with our town. You can tell pretty much who is supporting these candidates by prominent people having yard signs.  

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We love Quail Creek said...

Great job! and this is only the half of it. It gives meaning to the phrase Good Old Boys Club.
Chuck Waller is shaken in his boots. The cat is out of the bag. Sorry Chuck all good things must come to an end and hey, you had a 35 year run to your kingdom.