Thursday, April 30, 2015


I thought political correctness had finally reached it's limitation of the freedom of speech, but no. It continues to flourish with the belief that no one or group should be criticized, nor described in a way that might be hurtful. That we, the United States of America, the world leader in human rights, the freedom of speech have fallen into the bottomless pit of self imposed guilt.

Gone are all of the ethnic jokes. No longer can we tease about how many (insert national origin or ethnic group) it takes to screw in a light bulb. The (I believe this is the current correct name, African American has been renamed so often you have to consult reference material for the correct term. Some changes were good. Calling someone a Nigger or Kike, etc. wasn't nice and thinking people eschewed the terms. So Nigger was changed to Negro, which now is the second banned "N" word. Then, even though some black groups such as the NAACP which spelled out  National Association for Advancement  of Colored People, another out of use term are offended by the name they themselves  chose. The term Black isn't universally correct since people of color come in all shades of tan, brown almost black and black. Some of my grandchildren are either half Caucasian or half black. We have a black caucus in congress, but woe to a white person starting a white caucus.

My position on this matter is the only time a term is impolite is when it is intentionally used to insult or degrade. To ban the use of terms that are in context telling a story is over the top, yet the national press  and TV networks couldn't allow themselves the use of an "N" Word this past week.

Now we have additional no-noes.Some black, tan, African Americans are pissed because the term Thug is being used to describe the burning, looting, assaults. Well then what would you call it. Yesterday I wrote a comment on Huckleberries on line, the spokesman=Review North Idaho blog that discussed this topic. It was killed for the examples of the N word as a descriptive attempt. It didn't matter that it was done in a way that wasn't degrading anyone, but just recording a human condition. It didn't matter. I used two of the banned words and Discus deleted the comment.

So censorship is the new freedom that has evolved as left wing bigots once again show us the path to their brand of enlightenment. In the clash between freedom of speech and politically correct censorship, alas, but censorship has been declared the winner. No contest. We no longer live in a country that has upheld liberty and justice for all. We have allowed censors to bully us.

Before everyone jumps in with the "R" word, I don't deliberately offend anyone, but I defend the right of freedom of expression. And please, if the hyphenated people of this society would settle on  a name for themselves that is both  polite, and doesn't describe themselves as African-American when they nor their parents or grandparents ever lived there.

So then, I have figured out the formula, if it isn't changed tomorrow. These people that do thuggish things are just misunderstood, mistreated model citizens that just want justice. Burning cars that belong to others is wrong. They should burn only the ones they themselves own ... If they have one.   

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