Friday, April 24, 2015


Last night, a candidate night was held in the Bayview Community Center. Routinely, the Lakes Highway District candidates, and not so routinely, the Bayview Water & Sewer District Board candidates. One candidate for Water & Sewer called me this morning to suggest that the evening earthquake was the result of the tumultuous battle to  open the board elections to all. The two incumbents, while fine people, were essentially appointed, as election dates were publicized only in the legal notices, which met the requirements of the law, but certainly not the spirit. If anyone out there reads the legal notices regularly, I'd be amazed.

Not so with other issues. Annual audits with transparency for the members/customers have not been performed as an annual requirement. New board members would appear as appointed, carefully choosing those that would quietly fit in opposed to free thinkers.

Not so this year A couple of enterprising educators wrote down the term dates and are now actively campaigning, not to denigrate the opposition who blatantly ask that the "incumbents," be elected, but not really reelected, as they are both quasi appointees. Most of us realize that it is the process, not the personalities that are at risk. If we are to keep the incumbents,  then let it be by an open to all election not people appointed by the president for life.

This year's example hopefully will in the future be routine. If even one new member, not a member of the supposedly clique personally advertises for each election then transparency will exist, albeit shoved down the throat of the power brokers. Either way it goes, a lot has been accomplished. Please vote, May 19 for your choice of candidate. Two are running, two hope to retain their seat. Vote for independent responsibility by all members of the board.

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