Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bobert Deimler

Recently, A friend known by his crazy wife as Bobert, had a massive stroke, then fell and hit his head. On top of that, he was diagnosed with throat Cancer. He was flown to Harborview in Seattle, where he is not expected to  recover. The Docs told wife Debra he would not ever walk again, or talk. Essentially if he lives it will be in a vegetative state.

I talked to Debra yesterday. She is at Bobert's side, hoping for the best, whatever that might be. Please say a prayer or send good vibes to Debra. She is alone, and obviously upset. The Deimler's lived in a 5th wheel next to my single wide mansion on the hill. We did a lot of things together in those days. If you wish to call her, let me know and I'll give your phone number to her. I am at 683-9107

** Update. Debra told me minutes ago that Tomorrow, the Doctors are removing both the feeding tube and the ventilator, essentially ending the ordeal. Obviously, Debra is very upset.

** Update May 1, 2015  Bobert died on his own prior to being disconnected, which probably was better, avoiding the guilt of having to end it for him. His body will be cremated and the ashes shipped to Wife, Debra. She is returning to Bayview late tomorrow, as Sandy from J.D.'s will pick her up tomorrow.

** Debra has returned and is in the process of rebuilding her life. She is a brave person and is in better shape than most in her situation.

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