Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A lesson was learned the hard way in Ferguson, Missouri and around the nation as we suddenly realized that yes, racism is rampant but that a majority is from the Black community, jumping in with the race card anytime a dispute or even a disagreement occurs.

To no body's surprise, former president Carter unctuously announced that anyone opposed to president Obama is a racist. Here we have rather than a person of color making the charge, but a white apologist. Carter should keep his mouth firmly shut.  First he allows no political difference that isn't racist is on the face of it, absurd. Secondly, he should be grateful that after Obama's term is over, he will replace Carter as the worst president in history. For that reason he should be revered by Carter. Now that I think about it,  perhaps that is why he is cheer leading.

Recently there have been numerous examples of not only reverse racism, but inciting to riot as well. Think the name, "Sharpton."

Maybe the saddest thing about the white race defending itself is the African-American community plays the race card with impunity so that most respectable Caucasians are afraid to even have a conversation regarding the issue. I, at 77 tears old don't give a rat's ass if someone throws the race card at me. For one, those that know me know better. And secondly, at my age I do not fear idiots opinions that are knee jerks from our more radical citizens. I have long held the opinion that those that call others names or become critics feeling the need to not only voice their opinion but to also denigrate that of others as well.

Let me give some obvious examples of flagrant racism from the black community. In the U.S Congress, there exists a black caucus. Now I ask you, what would the reaction be if someone started up a white caucus? Racist, right? It would certainly be all of that, but then so is the flagrant black caucus. Apparently, integrating schools wasn't enough, so the congress, acting in defense, invented mandatory quotas in our colleges and universities. Again, not equality but superiority.

There is an organization called the NAACP, a group that has morphed into a professional money machine. Self appointed ministers making inflammatory speeches, as the chief rabble rousers such as Sharpton and others of his ilk.
It was just a day after an acquaintance insisted that Brown was hot in the back while trying to get away. In an unusual act our U.S. Attorney General came out saying the officer did nothing that would be outside his training and that no bullets were found to be in the victim's back. In short, all around the country, people including  professional athletes were holding up their hands, chanting "hands up, don't shoot." I wonder how many of these people feel ashamed that they prejudged the situation. I suspect not very many.

Racism is not exclusive to the white population, but even more rampant in the black community. Where is justice served here other than to foster a race war. Somebody needed to fight back, so I stepped up.

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