Friday, March 06, 2015


Armageddon without biblical references appears closer today than anytime in my lifetime including World War Two. The difference? The Hydrogen bomb. The attack on Japan that ended the war was caused by the United States beating both Japan and Germany to development and manufacture and delivery of Nuclear bombs.

Since then many countries including ourselves, England, France, China, Russia and Israel have nuclear weapons. The defining difference between these countries and Iran is that they are civilized and understand that to use them is to destroy civilization as we know it.

The joker in the deck is that Iran is ruled by radical Islamic Imams that would consider destroying Israel and the other western countries including us as blessings to Allah. The plethora of suicide bombers tells us that to win they are not afraid to die in the process.

Let's review the world conflicts. Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Russia and Ukraine. Oh, I forgot the peaceful people of North Korea, who not only possess the bomb, but the rocketry to deliver it. There is very little to stop the NK's from exporting these weapons to crazies, which number themselves in the category.

Now we learn that our government, a day late and a dollar short has sent troops into Ukraine to train the indigenous army how to use something other than an AK-47. 300 strong, these  troops are combat Green Berets, boots on the ground in the line of fire. Had we done this a year ago, it would have resonated as the west backing a nation of free people. Now with firm control of much of the eastern portion of Ukraine will push back, causing our soldiers to confront Russia, or retreat from them for the first time since the European war ended with many of our troops captured and never returned to our side including pilots that while supporting naval convoys to Russia, landed in  Russia safely, were never returned either.

We today have wars being fought in more of this world than ever before. With the constant threat of China and Russia we also have a very real threat from Islam. That total war will breakout in the middle east is a given. With Obama fiddling as the Roman Emperor did while Rome burned is an exact parallel to what our country is ignoring to our peril. Once war tips over, there is not any path back to   sanity other than total victory, if after total nuclear war there will be one.

As Obama recreates the plan of Nevil Chamberlain, reducing out army and navy to prior to WW11 levels leaves us short of trained personnel when we are going to need them. I don't even want to speculate as to the job the successor will inherit, and two years from now may be too late for all of us. Never in the history of our country have we faced an administration that is like lemmings, headed for the cliff and taking us with him.

I no longer hesitate to suggest that Obama's Islamic relatives have caused him to promote their causes rather than ours. I believe it to be true.

Tonight, I watched and listen to CNN doing a special on Flight 370 and ignoring our deployment into Ukraine. I switched to Fox and they sere hammering on Hilary and the reverse racism that is apparent today but that is a subject for my next post.

One of the most serious problems that we face is the continual use of Army and Marines to the point where many if not most are mentally disabled. We are in a world of hurt and I see no easy way out other than strategic bombing, which as I mentioned would end civilization. Since we no longer have the training of the cave people, most would die without being able to find food in the supermarket.

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