Sunday, March 01, 2015


In my soon to be 77th year, I still am bugged by the passing references to Heaven without any attempt to defining it's location. Not once. Now I am sure that some of the glossed over explanations can be covered by invoking faith, a physical location cannot.

First, let me begin with references to Jesus rising or lowering bodily into Heaven. Now I don't havea problem with that incomplete statement or rhe 2000 plus years without having every addressed the question, "Where is Heaven.

Is it ghostly apparitions floating about in outer space? Perhaps in another galaxy. So after rejecting both another planet and the coldness of outer space, I have a theory that I would very much like your comments on. First I reject the ethereal location as outer space. If another planet, why not this one?

My theory is that if Heaven is a positive aspiration of the faithful, the setting surely has to be more delightful  than the above theories and evern more a mystery that the evangelic masses never question that while they don't know where, they have faith that it is a better place than today's Earth.

I think there is another possibility. Right here on Earth in another dimension.  A parallel civilization where God governs with help from Jesus and of course the faithful. A Heaven such as this if possible would solve the whole thing. You never leave, just jump into another dimension. There would be no necessity of finding 72 virgins for each Islamic terrorist that dies from battle isn't valid and isn't necessary for us Christians, which without bodies would be a waste anyway.

While some may question my logic, please offer a well thought out  alternative.

ON another subject, my well know disgust with the misuse of the word on prefacing a day of the week or a date in the future, such as The Mariners will play their first game of the season on Friday. In today's paper there was such a reference that showed how ridiculous the use of on is. It said the game with be played on today. I rest my case.

Perhaps I will come as close to figuring out where heaven is and just settle for the start of baseball season 2015.

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Debbie Gibson said...

I think you are right about the other "dimension". I believe it's a spiritual place, not a physical one. :-)