Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogfest II

When I was an insecure teen trying to organize a party, the fear that nobody would show up always reared it's head.

For the last two weeks or so, I attempted to put together a group of bloggers meeting socially, here in Bayview. After just getting 6 for sure we'll be there RSVP's, and talking to DFO, we decided to cancel. I sent an e-mail to all concerned, also saying that I would be there just in case someone didn't get the word. One by one, they all e-mailed me back, saying small is good, we'll be there.

Nine folks showed up, including our blogmeister, and we had a great time. We even started to call it the un-blogfest, since we were there in spite of ourselves. A great bunch of folks, that I'm proud to be associated with.

You may view pictures of this event at


Bill McCrory said...


You did a great job organizing the blogfest. No matter how small and informal a gathering is, it still takes someone to pull it together, and just like a persistent mule, you pulled!

Lisa and I had a great time. It was so nice to meet everyone. The photos on the Golly Gals blog are a nice touch, and the folks who weren't there missed a wonderful Saturday afternoon in Bayview. We have to tell you, though, that one of the highest of the many high points of the afternoon was seeing you looking and feeling healthy again. Hmmm, you don't suppose blog therapy might be marketable for illness, do you?

Thanks again for sticking with all of us and for getting us together.

Bill & Lisa

stebbijo said...

Yep - that was a lot of fun. My husband was even excited about it and really enjoyed meeting and talking to DFO and all of you. He breathes second-hand blogging through me - now I think he is really bit by it.

Thanks - we want to come up again for the view and shoot the B.S. with you on another weekend.

Word Tosser said...

Yes, Herb you did good. Now no more teen aniety attacks, right? lol
Between you and Mari you got the unblogfest rolling. People keep trying to lay some of the kudo's on me, but this was all yours and Mari fault...I mean Ken and I had a great time with all of you. What a great bunch...and hope Dave went home and told Brenda...neenier neenier... lol.. maybe she will get brave enough to come see us.

Toni said...

I am sorry I missed it!

I notice you play blue grass.....WE LOVE Bluegrass! Used to go the the Bluegrass Festival in Bullhead City, Arizona every winter. Watched the Cherryholmes kids grow up (if you know who they are)

We have a family of racoons so the cat food comes inside every night. :-) Thanks for stopping by the girls blog!

Toni said...
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Patches & Mittens said...
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Toni said...
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Toni said...
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Toni said...


I am sorry I missed the blogfest, sounds like you all had such a good time.

I read your bio about Bluegrass Music and wanted to tell you.....We LOVE Bluegrass Music. We used to listen to country all the time, but it has changed so much (gone modern) and we don't care for it as well anymore, prefer the OLD country. We listen to Sirius on Dish and have it turned to the country oldies or bluegrass. We have spent winters down south for many years, the past 3 we stayed home. However when we were down there we never missed the Bluegrass Festival (3 days) in Bullhead City, Arizona. We started going when a family called the Cherryholmes just started after the death of their oldest daughter. (they gave their 4 kids instruments and started playing for fun and to get over this tragic accident that took there daughter from them). Anyway, we watched them grow up, turning into fantastic musician with many Bluegrass Awards. There website is They are involved with Ricky Skaggs now but still do the festival in Arizona every year.