Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Terminal Gridlock

I drove over to Seattle for the week-end. It was a nice drive in beautiful weather. I got to I-405 at Factoria in about four hours, averaging 75mph.

That's when it got interesting. Now keep in mind, I was born and raised there, and know my way around. As I turned South on I-405, everything changed. First, stop and go traffic an hour before rush hour. Second, nothing looked familiar. It has built up so much that hovels are going for $200,000 plus, just because there aren't any building lots left within commuting distance.

Sunday, I drove to University Place, near Tacoma, to visit my Sister. Now I've made that trip many times. Down I-5 to Hwy 16, toward the Narrows Bridge, past Cheney Stadium, turn left at the next light then turn left again at the next major intersection, right? No way. They realigned hwy 16, changed the accesses and hid Cheney Stadium, somehow.

I ended up lost near the waterfront. I finally spotted something familiar and located my Sister, right where she had always been. It rained overnight, but cleared by morning and it was a great drive back, except I've noticed that as I grow older, the drive seems longer.

The last mile to Bayview caught me up to the storm that had passed in Seattle. I found snow near home. Great to be back where our daily life is not constant turmoil.

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