Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trojan Horse

The news, if indeed it is news,is that we are about to turn over control of many key ports to a Country that is potentially an adversary is somewhere between dumb and insane.

Many centuries ago a great lesson was taught to the Trojans by the Greek invaders. The legend of the Trojan Horse apparently wasn't part of the education that "W" received from the Ivy League.

Let's see now. If I were heading up an Islamic Terrorist group that wanted to infiltrate a nuclear weapon into the United States, where would I go for access?

The U.S. Navy Base in Norfolk? The Port of Seattle? Wait! How about our buddies over at the UAE. "Hey, they have helped before, why don't we try them?"

This isn't the first occasion that we have catered to other Countries at the expense of security.

President Carter signed over control of the Panama Canal, which was promptly subleased to the Peoples Republic of China.

President Clinton signed over a lease of the now closed Long Beach Naval Base in California to...Guess who. The Peoples Republic of China.

Not to be outdone, President Bush is in the process of signing over control of the ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, and what's left of the Port of New Orleans.

Let's just take two examples. New York and Miami have been losing the drug war for years, as drugs are infiltrated through the ports. Take this one step further, and find the control and operations of these facilities in the hands of potential terrorists. One can only imagine the fun they will have.

The only ray of hope here, is that now we can return the nations airports to normal operations. Having opened most key ports to the enemy, we can concentrate on them.

It is time, not only to reject this crazy attempt at conciliation with our enemies, but to pass legislation banning the sale or lease of strategic facilities to any foreign interest. The Eisenhower Freeway system was created by legislation authorizing the facilitation of military movements within the country.

We are now faced with a situation where great convoys of war material headed for our key ports on the way to the Middle East, will arrive at our ports to discover that a sudden labor dispute has erupted and shipping is halted.


Anonymous said...

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Word Tosser said...

Hi Herb,
It just upsets me that we allowed anyone to own our ports. I just can't believe that we even let England own/lease them...

jb3ll3 said...

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Bay Views said...

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