Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bayview Marti Gras, Revisited

The proverbial next morning has arrived. Marti Gras in Bayview has been survived. Hangovers are being nursed, beads litter the floor. Some wonder whether they had fun last night. New Orleans? Not even. Try Marti Gras at the Captains Wheel.

We had balloons. We had beads. One or two ummm...Well endowed ladies emulated the customs of Bourbon Street. The band, Wyzer, (If you haven't heard this group you're missing a lot) Davena and Holly belted out vocals with two casualties in the band. Kevin, the drummer/vocalist had laryngitis, the lead guitar player had his picking hand mangled my a dog bite, but the show went on. Playing to a packed house, they brought down the house.

There was much more, as Bayview refuses to let the Winter blahs deter them. Grins and giggles ruled. Naturally, your correspondent was the model of comportment. The only mystery is how my eyes are so strained this morning...

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Mommy Dearest said...

Please tell me mom kept her shirt on.