Friday, February 16, 2007

Rathdrum Prairie

After years of losing sight of the sky for three weeks during Summer, it has ended.
There are, however, many people giving false information. First false issue: Grass fields protect the aquifer. Bull! So much Ammonia (Nitrogen) has been spread on those same grass fields that the soil is dead. That is the real reason that farmers don't switch to crops that don't require burning. There is no organic matter left in the soil to rebuild from.

Second issue: The prairie will fill full of houses. That was inevitable. Much of it has already sprung a crop of housing developments.

The prairie is a natural growth area. As more people move here, that is the vacuum or space that will fill new housing needs. Federal law requires that we clean up our water and our air that we breathe. Perhaps those that were forced to move away to save their health will prosper again, and those that might have died in the future of lung problems will live.

Growth cannot go South because of Lake Coeur d'Alene and the Spokane River. East is blocked by unbuildable land and the National Forest. West is the State Line. North is the only place growth can and will happen.

When September comes, I will look across the bay here in Bayview, and be able to see the other side.

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