Monday, February 19, 2007

Marti Gras Comes Next

Not quite over the Taryn Kiss yet from the Spokesman-Review Blogfest, and we here in Bayview are already planning Marti Gras.

Over 50 people, mostly bloggers, but many Blurkers too. Blurkers are those that don't have blogs, but comment regularly at Huckleberries, the Spokesman-Review blog.

Here in Bayview, we are gearing up for a big weekend again, as Marti Gras arrives. We will have live music at the Captains Wheel Saturday night along with much more. A costume contest will take place with a $100 prize for the best outfit. Beads will be flying around with abandon.

Other than that, clouds and snow are starting to obscure Bernard Peak, suggesting that while Spring is just around the corner, it hasn't quite got here yet.

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