Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Float Home Woes

At a recent State Land Board meeting, the subject of float home marina rents came up and was discussed, with the Dept. of Lands recommending that the free market be the rule for rents.

There are, as I see it, two serious problems with that. The State of Idaho has limited the number of float homes to the existing homes. One can move their home only if an existing moorage becomes available, which doesn't normally happen.

The second, is that the float home owners are a serious minority. In this day and age, when how many votes rules the judgement of our state government, there doesn't seem to be much hope.

If this trend continues, with average dock fees going from a recent $200 to $250, to in just two years, to $490 plus with one marina predicting a further 25% raise, well you get the picture.

The injustice of this whole scene, is Bob Holland, recent purchaser of three Bayview Marinas, flushing the common folk out of Bayview to make room for his dream of a spa for the rich.

Jaime Berube, a feisty lady with a cause is the Secretary of the Floathome Owners Association, and has recently spoken to the Land Board on behalf of the owners of float homes.

It's damn near enough to make a Democrat out of this lifelong Republican. In a reverse take, we have Robin Hood taking from the middle class to give to the wealthy.
For the CDA Press article, go to Hopeless Floats

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Feisty Lady said...

Well let me think --- I can't remember but this is what I think at this moment. If the comment pops up at some later date, feel free to use it.

You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the situation. That being said, we also have the problem of Mr. Holland and Chan becoming business partners and implementing their unethical business practices throughout Bayview. Free Market does not exist in regards to floathome owners and we are being held captive to pay for these two marina owners investments and developments to the uplands. Little if any of the moorages we pay are of direct benefit to the floathome owners at least until the Land Board has gottend involved. As I have said all along, this is a community wide issue that is a threat to what we all hold so dear about Bayview. It is a matter of who they can manipulate and how quickly they can get it (manipulation or non-authorized / non-approved development) done before any of the agencies catch up with them. We all need to stay vigilant regarding these two and it is a full time job.

Feisty Lady