Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Politically Correct?

This Morning's Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor, carried several criticisms regarding the cartoon of a few days ago depicting Mary holding an adult Jesus, while dissing the Catholic Church.

These letters pointed out the hypocrisy of making fun of their church while never daring to do so for minority churches. One such letter, quotes Steve Smith, Editor of the paper saying in a previous case involving Muslims, "Were not printing the cartoons because the offense they would generate in our own, local, Muslim community."

I pondered over this seemingly inconsistent stance, until it dawned on me that politically correct media types only consider it bad form if the offended is a minority. Jews, Muslims and followers of Buddha or Shintoism are never, NEVER picked on.

It's against the politically correct rules to pick on a minority, even if that minority has committed an egregious crime, since, of course in those cases, the defaulting minority is innocent because the majority has picked on them...Or possibly our Great-Great-Great-Grandfathers did.

Using Jesus and Mary to make a political point of criticism of a religious group as a whole is Blasphemy at best, and in the case of the Politically Correct, a double standard. I am not Catholic, but I too, resent the picking on an entire faith for the failures of many priests to keep their pants zipped. I bet that Catholics don't like it either.

Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror. To reassess where we have gone and how we got there. Our Constitution protects the minority from the majority. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in reverse...

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