Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is the World Coming To

Today, Hell froze over. In a totally improbable instance, the Spokesman-Review did it. Today's Opinion page contained editorials by the Spokesman-Review, A guest editorial by the Chicago Tribune, Trudy Rubin and Thomas Sowell, plus two political cartoons.

In an astounding feat of improbability, I agreed with every one of them, including the cartoons. That has never happened before.

Runway delays, the subject of today's S/R editorial, rightfully chastised the Jet Blue incident, among other previous cases of passenger abuse. The is no excuse for leaving people stranded for hours at the end of a runway. If there is no room at the gate, they can taxi back in and line up parked on the edge of the apron where buses portable stairs and in some cases, portable passenger trams can unload passengers.

Then, Trudy Rubin is praising the entire new team of Iraq experts such as the new ambassador, Ryan Crocker and General Petraeus as experts long over due. Imagine an ambassador that actually speaks the language.

Sowell jumps in to explain the unintended consequences of setting minimum wages and interest rates and The Tribune scoffs at purists that would remove the word scrotum from a childrens book.

The two cartoons, one of which depicts Hillary dragging a hand grenade labeled Iraq war vote, and Signe Wilkinson, deriding the health food extremes.

I am completely overwhelmed. How could Steve Smith, Editor, get it so unbalanced as to have me appreciate the whole page. Armageddon must be next...

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