Monday, February 05, 2007

Shooting Range and the Bayview Captains Wheel

Lest one misunderstand, there are not any stray bullets whizzing about currently in downtown Bayview. In an earlier post, Stebbijo took a picture of a sign that was erected by C.A.R.E. which is an organization of local citizens banded together to stop the planned expansion of the old semi-retired World War two training range, back when Farragut State Park was a Naval Training Facility.

Politicians with the Idaho Fish & Game department decided that with a grant or two they could make this into a state of the art shooting gallery, along with skeet and trap facilities.

The only problem with that is that since 1945, many changes have taken place. Homes have been built down range from what used to be the rifle range. The entire area has grown and continues to do so at a rapid rate.m With hills on each side,the sound of a weapon going off ricochets back and forth off the surrounding hills creating a disruptive noise factor in what is normally a pastoral, drop a pin quiet area.

A lawsuit was filed against the State by this group made up of grass-roots citizens which has been heard, but no decision has been rendered yet. Ergo, the sign pictured in

It is not necessary to dodge bullets to visit the Captains Wheel to sample my Potato Salad, nor is it dangerous to sample our succulent Prime Rib,Seafood, famous soups made from scratch, or many other great meals. Come on down. We'd love to have you...

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stebbijo said...

I added your link to the rest of my story just to make sure that folks knew that the sign was not really literal - (me thinks.) ;-)

Great salad Herb!