Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Howard Benefit

Terry's Cafe put on a great Mexican dinner, Sunday, as a benefit for the Howard family, stricken with their son, David Howard's recent death in a hunting accident. Around forty dinners were bought, but in many cases, the $7.95 price tag was ignored as most folks dug deeper for what they could give. Terry Shepherd, proprietor of Terry's Cafe, staged a fund raiser for family expenses incurred.

Around $900.00 was collected from raffle, meals and collection jars. Not all has been accounted for, but Terry thought that $900.00 would be a representative figure. Many younger people, friends of the family, and many older members of the community attended. The food was great, but the reason for being there wasn't. The Community, as usual, and Terry in particular, rose to the occasion.

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