Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When Journalists Meet

Today's the day. Taryn Hecker and Meghann Cuniff are heading this way for a beer fest. Hey, these are professional journalists, not pansies. We are going to do our best to scandalize Bayview.

They are, even as we speak, headed this way. No doubt, you are wondering why they would bother to come all this way. Well, aside from being a Babe magnet, I can' think of a single good reason. Anyway, we will get some good pictures, some laughs, and hopefully, a safe return for the ladies. As many of you know, both Meghann & Taryn got caught in the massive lay-off at the Spokesman-Review recently. Black Thursday, we call it. I haven't had the heart to visit the newsroom since. It's almost empty anyway.

I expect both will come up smelling like a rose, since there are very few people that are sharper than these. Any place they end up will be better for having them. They are truly special. (I'll attach a picture when I get one.)

We survived, yes we did. We met a man that fell into the cold waters of Scenic Bay, stayed in the water one and one half hours, and survived. More about that later. I had the distinct pleasure of entertaining Taryn Hecker and her buddy, Meghann Cuniff, both journalists extraordinaire. Did I mention that they are also great companions? We sat around, cut up some, and then hung it up. They also coached me on how to conduct an interview, considering that the almost drowning victim was sitting with us. He may not recover. Anyway, above, some pictures.


Phil said...

What happens in Bayview, stays in Bayview.

Unless it makes for a good blog post!

Katrina said...

Looks like a good time! Your babe magnet status is confirmed, it seems. :)

Taryn Hecker said...

Thanks for showing us a good time, Herb. And for the beer and flowers.

Until next time (and there will most definitely be a next time),


Anonymous said...

They're drinking miller?
Are you sure they are not loggers?