Friday, November 02, 2007

My Big Break

Many of you, that is all of you that follow my column in the Your Voice section of the Spokesman-Review, will see, if you look for it, a feature that I was allowed to produce for the Handle Extra that prints tomorrow morning. I did a history of the mail boat out of Bayview and after several stops up the lake, ends at "Kilroy", which is fitting, because instead of Kilroy was here, it was Herb and Jesse Tinsley that was there.

It is a sad evening that I am celebrating my column, when many of my friends have been laid off at the Spokesman-Review. Jim Haggengruber, Taryn Hecker, or as most of you knew her as,"Taryn Brodwater." Paula Davenport, my college in the Idaho Voice, Meghann Cuiff, the voice of the local schools, and others, in other venues. To say that they will be missed, to to suggest that the atom bomb ended WW Deuce. An understatement of huge measure. This is a huge blow to the community, the paper, and journalism as an art form. These people are so sharp that they sometimes take my breath away. They will land right side up. I don't know whether the rest of us will. I Grieve ...


Phil said...

One constant of life: Things always change. But I never get used to it, and I certainly don't have to like it.

PJ said...

Besides Craigslist, the SR is failing for another basic reason: it is alienating their conservative readers because of its kneejerk liberal slant. Regardless the issue - international affairs, national politics, or simply cultural doings - the editors and staff peddle a simpleton philosophy that is at odds with that of most of their readership. Make that "former" readership.

When the internet arrived, I began advising via message boards to cancel the local paper. Others did, too. Along with other forces, newspapers are being punished for their actions.

I rejoice.

Bay Views said...

I think it is important that all of you know that PJ, (above)hacked through my comment modifier protection. Aside from that, I will post ietems that I disagree with anyway as long as they are no insulting, degrading, or contain name calling. You got your shot in, PJ, but I would have posted it anyway.